Alphabet Energy featured on Triple Pundit: “Alphabet Energy is the New Clean Tech Millionaire”

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Alphabet Energy was featured on Triple Pundit for receiving $1M in seed money.

Alphabet Energy has received $1million in seed money to develop it’s proprietary thermoelectric technology into prototype devices.

“Alphabet’s new funding, recent grants and four awards at the 2009 Clean Tech Open is certainly telling of what the VCs are thinking right now: solar is no longer trendy. When solar started showing up on household roofs and commercial buildings, the renewable energy dream became reality. Now, solar is just another established market, and there’s been a lot of talk about using solar as part of the answer to job creation recently. That means solar is now “old school” and you won’t find too many VCs getting excited about solar.” Clara Kuo

Thermoelectrics may be the new cleantech darling.

View the original article here: Alphabet Energy is the New Clean Tech Millionaire.

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