Reliable Electric Power for Pipeline Compressor Stations

The E1-C is a turnkey exhaust heat recovery generator optimized for use with natural gas pipeline compressor stations. The E1-C provides reliable electric power for remote operations, reducing fuel consumption and operation and maintenance costs. It enables the replacement of pneumatics with electrically powered equipment and eases permitting burdens.

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Improved Safety and Security at Your Site

The E1-C converts exhaust heat from natural gas compressor stations into electricity. This new source of reliable remote power enables a range of electrical systems, including lighting, sensors, SCADA, ventilation fans and more.

Decreased Maintenance, Increased Operational Efficiency

Electrical power provided by the E1-C replaces the need for fuel-powered generators, immediately reducing fuel consumption and decreasing maintenance cycles and site traffic – all contributing to reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.

Lighter Footprint, Easier Permits

The E1-C also attenuates sound and reduces carbon emissions, easing permitting burdens and making you a good neighbor.


Standard 20’ sea container envelope
20’ L x 8’ W x 8’ 6” H

Alphabet Energy E1-C™