The World’s Most Powerful Thermoelectric Generator

The E1™ is a turnkey, exhaust-gas heat recovery generator optimized for use with large gensets and engines. The E1 offsets existing genset electrical power generation to reduce engine fuel consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions, while also delivering a rapid return on investment.

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Reduced Fuel Costs and Emissions

The E1™ converts exhaust heat from diesel- or gas-fired engines or gensets into electricity. Power from the E1™ is delivered directly to site loads, offsetting power generation from local gensets to deliver instant fuel savings and decrease emissions.

Strength, Reliability, Simplicity

Powered by Alphabet Energy’s solid-state PowerBlocks™ thermoelectric technology, the E1 requires virtually no maintenance, and has no need for an operator.

Rapid Return on Investment

Fuel savings that add up quickly, using 32 rugged, extensively tested PowerModules™ that can be upgraded to deliver even more power output and fuel savings in the future.


Standard 20’ sea container envelope
20’ L x 8’ W x 8’ 6” H

Alphabet Energy E1™