Transforms flaring into a source of power generation and reduces emissions

  • Generates reliable electricity that can power an entire remote site
  • A superior combustor: no open orifices means no pilot-light blowout
  • Ultra-high destruction efficiency from forced-air blower, designed for EPA OOOO compliance
  • Short payback time from savings on genset fuel, rental, and maintenance
  • Improves site safety and reliability with kilowatts of continuous power; comply with EPA OOOO-A by moving from pneumatics to electrics
  • Reduces emissions from both power generation and combustion

Reduce OpEx

Flares and combustors eject a valuable resource: exhaust heat. By converting this exhaust heat into onsite electricity, the PGC™ transforms flaring/combusting into power-generating profit centers, yielding an immediate reduction in operational expenses that would have been spent to fuel and maintain a generator or pneumatic equipment. The PGC™ yields rapid payback and has been tested in extreme winter and summer environments around the world.

Eliminate Emissions

With reliable electricity flowing from the PGC™, there’s no longer a need for diesel- and natural gas-powered generators. As a result, the emissions that would have been produced by the generators are eliminated, and your combustor becomes a source of electricity generation. No need to permit the additional generator, either. If you’re using pneumatics, the PGC™ can enable your transition to zero-emissions electric equipment and compliance with EPA OOOO-A. Furthermore, the PGC™ itself has lower emissions than even the best flares and combustors because the PGC™ can self-power a forced-air blower, increasing the air-fuel ratio; with no open orifices, you’ll also eliminate pilot-light blowouts.

Ensure Site Safety & Reliability

Onsite electricity is critical to ensure site safety and reliability and to optimize production. Electrical grid connections can be expensive and onsite power generation with gensets is limited by high operating costs and maintenance. The PGC™ provides 2.5 kW to 12.5 kW of continuous power needed to run required field equipment like instrument air, heat trace pumps, SCADA, lights, etc. And, as a solid-state power generator using reliable thermoelectric materials, there is virtually no maintenance required.


How it Works


The PGC™ “cap” attaches to the top of a combustor, captures the high-temperature exhaust heat (across a range of fuel inputs and combustion temperatures), and passes the heat through Alphabet Energy’s PowerModules™ (each containing heat exchangers and Alphabet Energy’s proprietary thermoelectric material). The PGC™ converts the combustor exhaust heat into continuous electrical power while still meeting combustion requirements, all at improved combustion efficiency. The quoted power in the table below is fully derated net power; gross power is higher, and the PGC™ will deliver the power you need all year round. Backup batteries and a pipeline assist-gas system ensure power output is continuous.

1. PowerModule™-based thermoelectric power generator “cap”
2. Quad-O-compliant combustor
3. Radiator for PowerModule™ cooling
4. Power electronics to deliver high-quality AC power, any phase/voltage
5. Forced air blower
6. Transportable skid

The PGC™ is manufactured at our flare combustor partner facilities, and installed by our partners’ experienced field operators.

Alphabet Energy Power Generating Combustor (PGC™)