Commodity price volatility has forced the mining industry to shift from expanding top-line revenues to reducing operating expenses, and energy costs are now being re-examined as a potential source of savings.

Alphabet Energy’s products transform wasted heat into cost savings. The E1 Thermoelectric Generator is the first and only low-cost thermoelectric generator for waste-heat recovery. It attaches to a diesel engine's exhaust flue to convert the exhaust heat into electricity, reducing fuel consumption.

The E1 contains Alphabet’s breakthrough, patented thermoelectric materials. Our thermoelectrics can also be used in a variety of other applications, including waste-heat recovery in mining vehicles.

Alphabet Energy’s products have been optimized for strength, reliability, and simplicity and are ideally suited for remote applications where fuel is expensive and where energy efficiency is highly valued.

From groundbreaking R&D in materials science to the design and build of market-ready waste-heat recovery technologies, Alphabet Energy is changing the way people think about waste heat.